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Sultry Sweep: Method to the Madness Vol 3 Mapping

Sultry Sweep: Method to the Madness Vol 3 Mapping

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This mapping is featured in the multimedia ebook, "Method to the Madness Vol 3".

Included in this digital download are the mapping, a video demonstration of the mapping, and skill showcases to help you master the technique.

This excerpt is part of the complete "Method to the Madness Vol 3" project. We recommend acquiring the entire ebook for the best experience.

What's included in this download:

  • The mapping
  • Live model demonstration
  • Required skills
  • Skill demonstration videos

Please note that there are no refunds, exchanges, or credits applicable to other digital products. Purchasing the mapping does not allow for a deduction from the full ebook price.

Any duplication or resale of Poised Lux digital products is strictly prohibited and legal action will be taken against violators.

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