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Specialty Lash Design Technique Ebook: Method to the Madness Vol 3 + Video Tutorials

Specialty Lash Design Technique Ebook: Method to the Madness Vol 3 + Video Tutorials

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Method to the Madness Vol 3 

Get ready to dive into a journey of innovation and creativity, challenging traditional norms to create beautiful lash sets customized for various eye shapes. This volume is particularly thrilling as we introduce cutting-edge techniques, including a revolutionary mapping approach to suit all eye shapes – a testament to our dedication to inclusivity and versatility in lash design.



  • What is ‘Method to the Madness’?
  • Method to the Madness Comparisons
  • What is a Poised Lux specialty technique?
  • Poised Lux Specialty Techniques
  • Discover Your Lash Passion
  • Skill Arsenal: The Prior
  • The Lashes: A Specialty Essential
  • Pyramid Spiking
  • Wing Lifting
  • Strategic Segmentation
  • Lash Pooling
  • Lash Mappings | (Included for each mapping: mapping introduction, mapping elements, mapping, “for whom is this lash map designed?”, model analysis, live model demonstration, my creative thought process, and my afterthoughts)


  • STAR LINER (+ Bottom Lash Map)


You will receive live model demonstration videos as well as individual skill videos that bring each technique to life in vivid detail.

Other supportive videos:

  • Strategic Segmentation
  • Pyramid Spiking
  • How to Create Divergent Fans
  • Client Sketch Video
  • Taping Methods


Please take a moment to read and understand the following terms and conditions to ensure the integrity and respect of our intellectual property:

  • Personal Use Only: This ebook is intended exclusively for the personal use of the purchaser. It is crafted to enhance your skills and knowledge in lash artistry and should not be shared, distributed, or resold in any form.

  • Prohibition on Redistribution: Copying, reproducing, distributing, or sharing any part of this ebook with others, whether digitally or in print, is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized distribution of this material is subject to legal action.

  • No Commercial Use: The content, including all techniques, designs, and information, is for your personal educational purposes only. You may not use this material for commercial purposes, such as teaching others or creating derivative works for sale.

  • Intellectual Property Rights: All content within this ebook remains the intellectual property of Poised Lux. Unauthorized use or reproduction of this material is a violation of copyright laws and will be pursued legally.

  • Enforcement: Poised Lux actively monitors the use of our materials to ensure compliance with these terms. Any violation of this agreement will result in appropriate legal action to protect our intellectual property rights.

  • Acknowledgment: By purchasing and using this ebook, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree, please refrain from using this material.
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