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Business Management Journal: My Affirmation Journal (Digital)

Business Management Journal: My Affirmation Journal (Digital)

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Transform your business and elevate your success with "My Affirmation Journal," a powerful tool that has proven to change lives. Uni, a Master Lash Designer, attests to its impact, sharing how this journal played a pivotal role in her journey to becoming a six-figure-earning lash artist through daily affirmations and manifestations.

Key Features:

Goal Tracking: Effectively monitor and achieve your goals with dedicated sections for weekly and monthly affirmations.

Daily Goal Setting: Set and track your daily objectives to stay focused and aligned with your aspirations.

Reflection: Reflect on your victories and areas for improvement to enhance personal and professional growth.

Financial Planning: Utilize the 50/30/20 budgeting rule to allocate funds strategically for bills, personal spending, vacations, emergency funds, and more.

Idea Repository: Capture your simple thoughts and brilliant ideas in one centralized location for future reference.

The journal is thoughtfully designed to divide your year in half, allowing for comprehensive reflection on the past and the setting of new goals for the upcoming months. Even if you didn't start at the beginning of the year, the journal offers flexibility, enabling you to commence your journey any month, making it accessible and impactful at any time.

What's Included:

- The Affirmation Journal PDF fillable file

- The Affirmation Journal GoodNotes file

- Comprehensive guide on how to maximize the journal's potential


- iPad & Apple Pencil (Accessible on any Apple device, but iPad is preferred)

- GoodNotes app (Available for iOS only)

- Basic understanding of GoodNotes functionality

How It Works:

1. Add the item to your cart.

2. Complete the purchase.

3. Upon processing your payment, you'll receive a link to download your files from my Google Drive. (Ensure your email address is accurate before placing an order.)

4. Easily import the files into GoodNotes for seamless use.

Please Note:

- Tablet, stylus, and apps are not included.

- Troubleshooting for Android users is not supported.

Transform your daily affirmations into tangible success – invest in "My Affirmation Journal" today.

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