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Beginners Prep Course

Beginners Prep Course

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Mastery Kit? (Includes everything you need to get started.)

Beginners Prep Bundle

Specifically created to prepare you for Method to the Madness Summer Tour.

Dive deep into the world of lash artistry with our comprehensive bundle designed for both novices and seasoned artists. Crafted meticulously by experts in the industry, this bundle encompasses all facets of lash enhancements, ensuring you leave with a well-rounded skill set and the knowledge to launch a thriving beauty business.

Courses Included:

  1. Beginners Classics:

    • Value: $650
    • Description: Perfect for those new to the lash industry, this course lays the foundational knowledge required for classic lash application. Understand the art of lash selection, placement, and isolation, ensuring every set you do enhances the natural beauty of your client's eyes.
  2. Introduction to Volume:

    • Value: $850
    • Description: Elevate your lashing technique with multi-lash pick-up and application methods. This introduction to volume lashes ensures full, fluffy sets that retain their elegance, allowing you to cater to a broader clientele with varied lash needs.


  • Comprehensive: Gain a holistic understanding of lash artistry, from basics to intricate designs.
  • Cost-Efficient: Save significantly with bundled courses, ensuring you get maximum value.


Licensing and State Regulations Disclaimer:

Please be aware that this online training is an educational tool and is not a substitute for the requisite cosmetology or esthetician licenses that might be mandated in your state or country for practice. Since we have purchasers from all around the globe, it is essential to note that licensing requirements and regulations can vary widely from one place to another. It remains the responsibility of the individual purchaser to research and ensure compliance with their local, state, or national regulations before commencing their practice. We strongly recommend referring directly to your state's regulatory board or body for precise requirements. Please note that once the course is purchased, there are no refunds due to the nature of the online content.

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